Your products and services deserve to be seen!
Let's make them stand out in the crowded kids industry.

Does this sound like you?

“I am stuck! I just don't know what words best describe what I do or how my business is unique!”

“To me 'marketing' and 'sales' are two big scary words that are complicated and I feel like it's not my job to do it!”

Worried lady looking at the computer screen

"Marketing is so hard! I have tried a million things: SEO, social media, paid advertising - but nothing seems to work."

“I am torn between having to do the day-to-day tasks and bring in new clients. I never know what to focus on.”

Don't worry - you are not alone!

The kids industry is saturated. There’s what seems to be a sea of products, services and solutions for families and everything seems to already exist. 

So it’s understandable that you might find it very difficult and overwhelming to cut through the clutter and make people want to buy what you have to offer. Marketing your business can feel like a huge task and you can easily feel stuck and get lost in the process. 

Baby clothes on a rack Photo by Jordan Nix on Unsplash

Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

(Dr. Seuss)

But it does not have to be that way!!

Selling your family products or services can become easy – if you put the right strategy in place. We at BEE A BRAND can help you gain clarity and confidence on what makes your business unique and how to define a brand strategy that will make you stand out from competition. 

Introducing our


Everything you need to do to stand out from competition,
get noticed and attract your ideal clients.

Step 1:

We help you reveal the problem that your business resolves & identify the group of parents that will benefit from your offer

Step 2:

We  help you uncover what makes your business unique and turn it into a crystal clear message that sells

Step 3:

We tell you which are the right marketing strategies for your business and how to execute them consistently

After working with us we promise that you will be able to:

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But why should I hire help? Can't I just do it alone?

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

(Albert Einstein)

Well, you don't know what you don't know, right?

It's the same with marketing and sales for your business. Most of our clients come to us because they need a logo or they need help because they don't know what to post on social media. But the real problem they are having is that they never defined a brand strategy and thus are lacking the clarity what makes them unique. And without this knowledge they feel incapable to do any of their marketing so that customers understand what they offer.

When working with clients not only do we take them through a proven process, but we also give the outside perspective that is essential to not get paralyzed and feel stuck. We define an actionable, consistent marketing plan for our clients that is very easy to follow and that will make them stand out in the market!

Ready to start?

Yes! Sounds just like what I need to get unstuck!

Still not convinced?

Check out previous brands that we created:

Little readers book club case study

Little Readers Book Club

Little Readers is the first subscription book club in Spain, that enables families to receive English books on a regular basis to their doorstep. What makes this business unique is that all of the books are very carefully selected and treat today’s important topics such as inclusion, gender equality, global warming and disabilities.     

We were at Little Readers side from the ideation phase and helped them identify their target audience, analyze the competitive landscape, came up with the final name, developed a business and brand strategy together and supported their future marketing and communication strategy. 

Pose & Play Barcelona

Pose & Play Barcelona is a dress up and fashion photography experience that is unique in Barcelona. Families and kids of all ages can sign up for themed studio photo sessions and can pose in original costumes professionally in front of the camera. 

We helped this lovely business come to life from the idea stage to the full brand creation: we analyzed the existing competition, did a target audience segmentation, developed a business and brand strategy, supported the name creation and the service offers and suggested channels for the communication strategy. 

Kids Time Me Time Barcelona

Kids Time Me Time is an international daycare and early development center. It is a tailor made alternative for parents in Barcelona, who want to leave their children in safe, competent hands, while they are out and about to run errands. 

We helped this unique daycare develop its  branding from the very beginning: we discussed the vision and mission for the center, did a competitive analysis of the market, created a target audience segmentation, defined the brand purpose and brand promise, created the name and the messaging strategy, and helped with ideas how to promote the daycare in the future.  

Thai Together Barcelona

Thai together is an unique Thai experience in Barcelona, where customers not only can try authentic Thai food, but they are also part of the preparation process. 

We helped Thai together with its full brand creation from the idea stage to execution including a competitive analysis, target audience segmentation, vision, mission, brand purpose and brand promise definition, we invented the name and helped with future communication and promotional strategy ideas.

Thai Together

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